October 05, 2010

The Egyptian president warns of global terror if Middle East peace talks fail

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has warned several world leaders including Israeli PM Netanyahu that if the Israeli-Palestinian peace process collapses, violence and terrorism will erupt in the Middle East and all around the world.

Mubarak's warning comes on the heels of a similar warning from the Jordanian king, King Abdullah, who said recently that if there is no resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there will be a major war in the Middle East which could draw the Western nations into this conflict.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The warning from Egyptian President Mubarak that a collapse of the Middle East peace process could bring about global violence and terrorism is in line with the end of times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Egyptian President Mubarak is only one of several Middle Eastern leaders that say a collapse of the Middle East peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians could spark a Middle East war. Jordan's King Abdullah and Syrian President Assad have both warned that the Middle East could erupt into a full blown war if there is not a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Politically, it is looking like these talks are headed toward failure. Prophetically, there will be a peace agreement, howbeit a short-term peace in the Middle East, that will eventually lead to the Middle East erupting into an all out war.

The ancient Jewish prophets wrote 2500 years ago of this end times scenario. Daniel wrote that the Antichrist, a world dictator, will bring about peace which will signal the beginning of seven years of destruction in the Middle East, Daniel 9:27. Daniel, joined by Ezekiel, also wrote that the war will be a Middle East conflict, violence that will include all of the Middle Eastern nations, Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11.

As it relates to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, again Ezekiel along with Malachi and Obadiah, wrote that the Jews and Palestinians will continue to fight until the Messiah returns to earth, Ezekiel 35, Malachi 1, and the prophetic book of Obadiah.

Middle Eastern leaders are correct, there will be conflict in the future in the Middle East.