December 13, 2010

Tourism in Israel is at an all time record high as millions travel to this unique Middle Eastern nation

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Tourism to Israel broke yet another all time record high in the month of November 2010 with over 300,000 visitors entering the country, more than any previous month in modern history - and in fact, and 20% increase in tourism over the year 2008, Israel's previous record year for tourism. According to the tourism ministry in Israel, they estimate this record breaking year of 2010 will finish with almost 3 1/2 million tourists coming to Israel with nearly 70% of these tourists being Christian pilgrims from around the world traveling to the land of the Bible.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism says that the satisfied tourists will return home as an ambassador for Israel which improves Israel's image overseas, presenting the Jewish state as an attractive, sought after tourism destination.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As millions of Jewish and Christian pilgrims travel to Israel it becomes very clear that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled and will be fulfilled in the future.

The year 2010 is a record breaking year for Israel's tourism industry with around 3 1/2 million Jews and Christian pilgrims visiting the Jewish state. Jews and Christians alike are eager to walk through the land of their forefathers and the personalities that they have been reading about in the Bible. These millions of tourists traveling to Israel are evidence of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and Bible prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

The ancient Jewish prophets wrote thousands of years ago that the Jewish state would once again be a part of the nations of this world (Micah 4:6-7, Ezekiel 37:8, and many other passages of prophecy). These prophecies have been fulfilled and are a testimony to God's plan for the future of the Jewish state of Israel coming to pass as well.

Bible prophecy reveals that Israel will be the location where the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will rule and reign over a worldwide kingdom, and kingdom of peace in our world today (Zechariah 14, Ezekiel 40-46, and Psalm 132:13-14).

Record breaking tourism in Israel is evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.