January 03, 2011

Pope Benedict has called for a religious peace summit

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Pope Benedict has announced that he will organize a summit with all religious leaders to discuss how they can promote world peace and at the same time, the Pope says he condemns inter-religious violence including attacks against Christians in the Middle East. Speaking at the Vatican, the Pope said the aim of the summit would be to renew the effort of those with faith of all religions, to live their faith as a service for the cause of peace.

Pope Benedict's announcement of the summit comes as many Christians have come under attack in the Middle East and he fears that this violence is driving the Christians out of the Middle East.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Pope Benedict's call for a summit of religious leaders to discuss people of faith bringing about a worldwide peace is a page out of Bible prophecy.

The increasing attacks on Christians in Iraq, Egypt, and Africa has motivated Pope Benedict to call for a summit of all religions leaders to deal with these dastardly attacks by one religions group over another. The Pope hopes to bring together these people of faith and to encourage them to live out their faith in a way that promotes peace instead of persecution. The former Pope, the late Pope John Paul, hosted a similar summit in 1986 which was attended by Jewish, Moslem, and Christian leaders.

What is interesting to me, as a student of Bible prophecy, is that a summit of religious leaders from all religions could work together to bring about world peace. Bible prophecy lays out a similar scenario for the end of times. Revelation 17 reveals that a one world religious leader will establish a one world religious organization that will rule the world by bring resolution to violence through religion. This one world religion will be headquartered in Rome, Italy - that is according to Revelation 17:9. Please do not read anything into these prophecies other than what the prophecy actually says. However, this upcoming religious summit does seem to be setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.