February 04, 2011

An Israeli official says America does not realize the extent of the catastrophe into which they have pushed the Middle East

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Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, a former army general, labor party chairman, and a minister in the Israeli government cabinet says that America still does not realize the extent of the catastrophe into which they have pushed the Middle East adding that it's still too early to judge, but this is not the first mistake in Middle East policy made by the present Obama Administration. Ben-Eliezer believes that we must learn from history as he recalled the US dealings with the Shah of Iran by President Jimmy Carter which allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini to come to power in Iran after the fall of the Shah and bringing to power an Islamic republic in Iran.

Referring to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Ben-Eliezer said that there must be progress soon before the American boss in Washington forces a solution on the Jewish state of Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The public diplomacy of the Obama Administration in the Egyptian crisis has caused real concern in the Israeli government but among Arab leaders as well in the Middle East crisis now underway which will have a major impact on the future of this region, according to Bible prophecy.

From the outset of the crisis in Egypt, with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators going to the streets to call for the fall of the Mubarak government, the Obama Administration has been very public in diplomacy which many believe should have been done in private. The prime minister and president of Israel have been outspoken in their support for Egyptian President Mubarak who they say has kept peace in the Middle East for some 30 years. Though Mubarak did not sign the Israeli-Egyptian peace accord, the Camp David Accords, Mubarak has played the key role in maintaining this peace resulting in no major Middle East war for over 30 years. Israeli officials are very concerned about who will take Mubarak's place in the next Egyptian government and whether they will abrogate the peace treaty between the two countries.

This scenario playing out in the Middle East is tangible evidence that politics does set the stage for prophecy to be fulfilled. God established human government (Genesis 9:6) to direct this world to do His will. Revelation 17:17 says that the Lord puts into the hearts of world leaders to do His will. Romans 13:1 says world leaders are ordained by God.

As we watch from afar what happens to the Arab world crisis we can rest assured that God's plan will come to pass. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.