April 20, 2011

The Israeli Defense Force is preparing for war on all fronts

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The latest multi-year plan by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is a plan that calls for Israel's military to be ready for confrontation with all the Arab states around them and the Palestinians within their borders, a plan that the Jewish state hopes will protect them from all new dangers.

No Israeli official nor military leader is ready to suggest what chance there is for war in the Middle East, they will only say that is why they have a major operation called military intelligence so that they can be prepared for what they know will happen one day.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The IDF has a plan for a military strategy which will protect the Jewish state on all fronts, a situation that Israel knows will come about. It's a plan that will prepare the Jewish state for what Bible prophecy says will happen.

Over the relatively short history of the Jewish state of Israel, the Jewish people have had to face their enemies in one war after the other with these attacking nations bent on destroying the Jewish state. Almost miraculously, the Jewish state has survived all attempts to eliminate Israel from being a nation in the Middle East.

This scenario unfolding today in the Middle East was foretold thousands of years ago. Daniel, the ancient Jewish prophet wrote that Syria and Egypt would come to destroy Israel, Daniel 11:40-43, where Syria is known by the term the King of the North and Egypt, the King of the South. The Psalmist in Psalm 83 says that Lebanon, referred to by the name Tyre in the passage, will be a part of the alignment of nations to go after the Jewish state.

Another Jewish prophet, Ezekiel wrote 2500 years ago that the Palestinians would rise up in the last days and kill the Jews and then take their land, Ezekiel 35. There is additional information about this Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the prophet Malachi, found in Malachi 1 and the little prophetic book in the Old Testament titled "Obadiah", you can read Obadiah 14-18 to see how this end time scenario will unfold..

It is a very good strategy for the IDF to prepare for war on all fronts. It will happen because Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.