April 08, 2011

The Jews have erected a temple in Jerusalem but it is not located on the Temple Mount

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On a rooftop in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and overlooking the Temple Mount is a newly constructed temple model weighing over one ton and this temple model is for the purpose of teaching the Jewish people their Biblical heritage as well as introducing to all non-Jews a worship center that will one day stand on the Temple Mount. This model, build on a scale of 1 to 60, is made of gold, silver, wood, and Jerusalem stone, and has a hydraulic system that raises the sanctuary section of the temple model exposing the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant.

A Jewish yeshiva, which is a place of learning, constructed this temple model for the purpose of training those who will one day work in the real temple to be built on the Temple Mount but will also inform the world of what one day will be reality in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.

Jimmy's Prophetic prospective on the News

A model of the temple in Jerusalem overlooking the Temple Mount is a foretaste of things to come - according to Bible prophecy.

The religious Jews at the yeshiva, which is a Jewish learning center, located in Jerusalem have constructed a model of the temple that one day will stand less than one mile away on the Temple Mount and they believe that this is a step closer to seeing the temple worship restored for the Jewish people. Not only will this temple model be used at this training center to teach those qualified to work at the coming temple but it will also train all Jews to worship as their forefathers did some 2000 years ago. The model is truly a step closer to the renewal of temple sacrifice and temple worship for the Jewish people. It is also a reminder to all of mankind that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

There are many ancient Jewish prophets that speak of a coming temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Davidic Covenant, recorded in II Samuel 7, promises a temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Kingdom Temple will be built by the Messiah Jesus Christ (Zechariah 6:12). The description of the Kingdom Temple can be found in Ezekiel 40-46 with 202 verses of detailed information about that temple. Daniel wrote, however, of the next temple to be built in Jerusalem (Daniel 9:27) and all the preparations have been made for that temple.

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.