June 06, 2011

President Obama's war on Libya has no basis in US law but was authorized by the New World Order

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The title of a Washington Times editorial states that US President Obama's illegal war on Libya was authorized by a UN resolution, not the Constitution of the US which calls for the US Congress to authorize any military activity undertaken by the US military, a point that can be argued by both sides of the issue.

Some analysts are saying this is a dangerous precedent when the US takes military action with authorization from the UN not the US Congress, a step many claim to be a move towards a New World Order.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

US military action against Libya under the authorization of the UN is a precursor to the New World Order that will come to power in the last days according to Bible prophecy.

There are many on both sides of the political spectrum that accused President Obama of making an "illegal move" when he decided to go ahead with the military action against Libya. Those opposed to Obama's decision for military action are not on the side of Libya's Colonel Gadhafi, a treacherous dictator, but say that all military action by US troops must be authorized by the Constitution and the US Congress, not by the president alone. There indeed are good arguments on both sides of this issue which will be debated, however a move by the US President under authorization from the UN is a step very close to the end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

There will be a New World Order in place during the seven year tribulation period which will be led by a leader referred to in the scriptures as the Antichrist, Revelation 13 and 18. In Daniel 11:38 the ancient prophet revealed that this Antichrist will be a military genius who worships the god of forces. This New World Order, a one-world, governmental, economic, political system will be headquartered in the Middle East, Revelation 18:1-3, and will rule all of humankind, even the buying and selling of essential items needed for life.

A US president taking military action authorized by an international governmental body is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.