June 22, 2011

There is an app at the iPhone APP Store calling for a violent uprising against the Jewish nation of Israel

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First it was Facebook, the social network, that called for the third intifada, a Palestinian campaign of violence against the Jewish people of Israel and now it is an app that can be found at the iPhone App Store that is encouraging violent uprisings against Israel and presenting the plans on how to carry out this violence.

The app, called the Third Intifada - an Arabic language app, features articles by radical members of Hamas, Fatah and even the Palestinian Authority who discussed strategies to use in fighting the Israeli Defense Force soldiers and glorifying acts of violence.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Radical Palestinian terrorists using cutting edge telecommunication devices are now preparing to rise up against the Jews of Israel as was predicted 2500 years ago by ancient Jewish prophets.

After a massive campaign against the social network, Facebook the organization took down a site calling for the third intifada, the popular uprising of radical elements of the Palestinian people to attack the Jews in Israel. Now, these same Palestinian radicals have developed an app that can be purchased from the iPhone App Store online that has the same message, "Rise up and commit violent acts against the Jewish people". The Israeli government has formally asked the Apple Company to take the app out of their iPhone store and are waiting for their response. Meanwhile, the Hamas, Fatah, and even the Palestinian Authority are using this app to call for the Palestinian people to attack Jews in Israel.

This scenario of Palestinians killing Jews was foretold by several of the ancient Jewish prophets centuries ago. Ezekiel revealed the Edomites, Palestinian people of today, the descendants of Esau would kill the Jews and take their land in the last days, Ezekiel 35:5-10. Obadiah foretold of a time when the Palestinians would become drunk with power and use violence against the Jewish people, Obadiah 15-17.

Though the ancient Jewish prophets did not mention Facebook and Apple apps in the campaigns by the Palestinians against the Jewish people, I must remind you that Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.