July 01, 2011

Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair says there will be serious trouble if the Middle East peace talks do not resume soon

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The special Peace Envoy for the Quartet, Tony Blair, told CNN that Israel and the Palestinians will be in serious trouble if they do not resume peace talks in the near future and said that behind the scenes, a lot of work was being done to restore direct negotiations.

Blair acknowledged that the level of confidence between the two sides was low, but said that talks can be put back on track. Blair noted that the efforts by the Palestinians to garner support for an independent state, which he said would indeed put pressure on Israel but he added such unilateral steps are never as effective as steps taken in mutual agreement.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The warning by Peace Envoy Tony Blair that there will be serious trouble in the Middle East if Israeli-Palestinian peace talks do not resume soon is a page out of Bible prophecy.

Tony Blair, the former PM of Great Britain and now the Peace Envoy for the Middle East peace process representing the US, the EU, the UN, and Russia, the Quartet; the Quartet peace envoy has warned of serious trouble in the Middle East if the Israelis and the Palestinians do not come back to the table soon to get the peace talks back on track. Blair does not believe a unilateral announcement of an independent Palestinian state will help the process and certainly will not bring about peace between the two parties. Blair has been working behind the scenes with both the Israelis and the Palestinians, plus the US and the EU in an effort to bring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This report is very similar to a prophetic scenario that can be found in the Bible where it speaks of the quest for peace in the Middle East in the last days. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel wrote 2500 years ago of a world leader coming to power, one from the European community that would then bring peace to the Middle East, howbeit a short-lived peace, Daniel 7:7-24 and Daniel 9:27. This is not an effort to name the personalities of this prophetic scenario, but only to draw attention to God's pre-written history that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Once again, current political events are setting the stage for prophetic events to come to past.