July 11, 2011

Saudi Arabia has declared war against the Islamic terror group al Qaeda

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The leadership of Saudi Arabia has been targeted by the Islamic terrorist group al Qaeda as have a number of Arab regimes in the Middle East and al Qaeda claims the reason for this focus on Arab leaders and their governments is because Arab leaders have become atheists and no longer abide under the leadership of Allah, the Islamic god. Al Qaeda points out that Saudi King Abdullah has implemented a massive building project in the heart of Mecca, the Moslem holy city, and al Qaeda jihadist websites are calling for the king to be killed saying that the death of this leader of atheism would be among the most pious acts for a Moslem. Meanwhile the Saudi kingdom has activated its powerful intelligence and security agencies to kill or capture its Islamist foes.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

It is ironic that the founding nation for the Islamic faith, Saudi Arabia, has now called for the end of the Islamic jihadist group al Qaeda especially in light of the end time scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The king of Saudi Arabia and and many of his family members are under the threat of death by the radical Islamic terror organization al Qaeda and basically because King Abdullah has become an atheist according to the al Qaeda leaders. Radical Islam has become more and more a threat to Arab leaders in the Middle East mainly because they are perceived to be secular and are even moving away from the Islamic faith and becoming atheists. Ironically, Saudi Arabia has been the home base and the financial provider for many of the most radical terror organizations including the group that brought down the twin towers on 9-11. It is also ironic that the Islamic faith was founded by Mohammad in the 7th century in Arabia and at that time Mohammad said that he was a direct descendant to Ishmael, the first son of the patriarch Abraham.

The Biblical record does reveal that Ishmael did go to start one nation in the place that we know today as Saudi Arabia (Genesis 25:18, 17:20). Ishmael did not father the Arab world according to Genesis 10:6-10 but he did father the Islamic faith according to its prophet. Ultimately Saudi Arabia will be radicalized and play a key role in the end time scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy - prophecy that will indeed be fulfilled.