September 19, 2011

A huge defunct satellite is falling to earth faster than expected and could be dangerous to earthdwellers

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A six and a half ton defunct weather satellite is plunging to the earth much faster than expected because of a sharp increase in solar activity and even though most of this bus sized satellite will burn up on reentry of the earth's atmosphere, at least 26 large pieces of this massive satellite will survive reentry and fall someplace on the earth. Scientists say that there is a 1 in 3200 chance of satellite debris hitting a person on the ground, odds that NASA says are extremely remote and outside experts agree.

NASA is keeping a close watch on the falling satellite but will only be able to pinpoint its actual crash zone to within 6000 miles, about 2 hours before reentry.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Though it is only a remote possibility that a weather satellite plunging to the earth will hit anyone on the earth, there is still much concern and this is only the beginning of what could and will happen according to Bible prophecy.

NASA scientists have been concerned about trash in space for a number of years and are not really ready to deal with the problem. There is a large amount of space debris and a number of defunct satellites that will, at some time in the future, fall to the earth. The most urgent concern is the bus sized 6 and 1/2 ton weather satellite that is due to hit the earth within the next week. Though NASA has assured earthdwellers that there is a remote chance of the debris from the satellite hitting someone, there is a growing concern on the ground. Since the space junk in the earth's atmosphere will most likely one day fall to the earth, there is an ever increasing problem.

According to Bible prophecy items from outer space falling upon the earth will become very damaging in the future time of judgment in that seven year period known as the Tribulation. In Revelation 8:7, it foretells of hail and fire mingled with blood falling on the earth, a time when a third of the trees will be burned up and all the grass will be burned up. A burning mountain will be cast into the sea and one third of the ocean turns to blood while at the same time, one third of the fish die (Revelation 9:8-9). Revelation 8:10-11 reveals that the earth will be hit by a great star named Wormwood, and water sources will be made bitter.

The weather satellite plunging to the earth is simple a foretaste of things to come. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.