October 10, 2011

Russia's Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, wants to adopt the Chinese Communist Party model of government

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Russian PM Putin's political party, United Russia, has been examining how it can emulate the Chinese Communist Party, especially its skill to shepherd China through the financial crisis relatively without hardship.

The leaders of Putin's political party held special meetings with Senior Chinese Communist Party officials to hear first hand how the Chinese are able to use a one party system to keep tight control over the country while still driving significant economic growth.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As we watch Russia and China becoming more powerful in our world today, we must realize how this geopolitical activity is so similar to the end time scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Before the fall of the Soviet Union, Communism was a major force in the political operation of this union of Eastern European nations. Supposedly, it was so effective that the upstart nation of China appropriated all they could from the Soviet model of governing to establish their brand of Communism.

Now, there has been a reversal of roles between the two nations of Russia and China, with Russia wanting to emulate the Chinese brand of Communism to help its efforts to once again be a superpower in our world.

As a student of Bible prophecy, I recognize that this scenario unfolding is the same scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy for the last days. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel mentioned Magog, Ezekiel 38:2, which is the Biblical name for Russia. Magog or Russia will lead a coalition of nations at the beginning of the seven year Tribulation Period against the Jewish state of Israel as foretold in Ezekiel 38.

John, the Revelator, in Revelation 16:12 speaks of the Kings of the East which logically would be led by China today. These kings will be the major players at the end time of the Tribulation Period and go to Jerusalem to try to stop the return of the Messiah.

With Russia and China learning from each other how to become superpowers in our world today, the stage is indeed set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.