April 25, 2012

As Israelis honor the fallen of all of their wars, the prospect of a Middle Eastern war looms on the horizon

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Israelis stopped for two minutes across the state of Israel as the sound of the national siren called the Jewish state to pause and remember the fallen soldiers of all of their wars during the short history of the modern day state of Israel.

The total number of men and women who have died in duty to their country is 22,993. A number that represents the best of this Jewish nation, a nation who actually wants peace with its neighbors and only to be able to coexist in the land of their forefathers.

Israel's memorial day is a day of reflection according to the leaders of Israel, but it is also a day to recognize the potential for another major Middle Eastern war that may be closer than anyone wants to admit.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As Israelis mark memorial day each year, the ever rising number of fallen soldiers from all of Israel's wars is a reminder that they may face another war in the Middle East which is confirmed by the ancient Jewish prophets.

On memorial day in Israel, a nationwide siren sounds to call the Jewish state to stop and honor the almost 23,000 fallen soldiers from wars during Israel's short history. Every family in Israel has been affected by these wars and memorial day is a constant reminder of how bad the past was and how bad the future may be as well. The neighborhood of the Middle East is a potential war zone almost on a daily basis and all the world recognizes what could happen, however it is not what could happen, but what will happen according to the ancient Jewish prophets.

Daniel wrote 2500 years ago that Syria, Egypt, and Libya would be the first three nations to move against the Jewish state, Daniel 11:40-43. Ezekiel mentioned additional Muslim nations that would also attack Israel including Turkey and Iran, Ezekiel 38. The Psalmist added Saudi Arabia and Lebanon into the alignment of nations to attack Israel in the last days, Psalm 83. In fact, the prophet Joel said that the largest military might in history will be formed to destroy Israel, Joel 2:3.

Each memorial day in Israel is a reminder that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.