July 11, 2012

An Israeli rabbi has called for the restoration of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the leader of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, has called for the restoration of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount even though the temple has not been rebuilt yet and the rabbi said the fact is that the Temple Mount is in Arab hands must end so that the Jews may go onto the Temple Mount and offer these animal sacrifices.

In Biblical times, when the temple was on the Temple Mount and especially during the high holy days, Jews from around the world would come to Jerusalem to offer animal sacrifices and today everything is ready to resume these sacrifices.  The priests are trained and ready, their garments are made, and the implements for the sacrificial system are ready to be used to follow God's command.  The Israeli government and the Moslem world are the only hindrances to restoring these animal sacrifices. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

An Israeli rabbi calling for the restoration of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a precursor for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

When the Jewish temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70AD there ceased to be a place for animal sacrifices for the Jewish people so that they could follow the Biblical mandate to offer sacrifices.  Today all preparations have been made to both build the temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and then to restore the sacrificial system.  In fact, the Bible does mandate a return to animal sacrifices when the Messiah, Jesus Christ, returns to the earth, Zechariah 14:4, to build His temple in Jerusalem, Zechariah 1:16, 6:12.  Ezekiel 45 foretells of the sacrificial system being restored in the Kingdom period.  These kingdom sacrifices will be done in remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice by Jesus Christ and in addition, the Jews will offer sacrifices at that time for the purpose of restoring fellowship with the Messiah.  However, prior to the kingdom temple, there will be another temple in Jerusalem during the seven year Tribulation with a return to sacrifices, Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, II Thessalonians 2:4, and Revelation 11:1-2.

A rabbi calling for the return of the sacrificial system today is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.