February 09, 2015

Two hundred Islamic clerics and scholars meeting in Istanbul have called for a holy war against Israel

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In a meeting hall crowded with over two hundred Sunni Muslim sheiks and scholars in Istanbul, Turkey, senior officials of the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas and these Turkish Muslim clerics called for a "jihad", a holy war, against Israel over the recent war in Gaza. "Gaza is a gift", according to one Sunni religious leader, "Gaza gives us power, it solves our differences, it has united Muslim front against Israel the Zionists, and the Gaza war with Israel was a victory for Hamas and the Muslim world over the Jewish state" according to these clerics. 

This group of Turkish Muslim clerics and scholars that met with Hamas officials said that Gaza is a legitmate third jihadist front, the first two being Afghanistan and Iraq, and they concluded that the intensity of the Israeli attacks had awakened all Muslims thus the call for jihad against Israel. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A call for jihad against Israel by two hundred Turkish Islamic clerics and scholars is a page out of many pages in Bible prophecy.

For a number of years, radical Islamic clerics in the Muslim world have called for jihad against the Jewish state of Israel. Islam has the doctrine of the "house of Islam" which means that once a nation has been under Islamic control that piece of land can never be controlled by a non-Muslim government. Israel is not only controlling the land, once in the "house of Islam" but the Jews are prospering in that nation. This situation sets the stage for Islamic holy war against the Jewish state. 

Several ancient Jewish prophets wrote of this prophetic scenario thousands of years ago. Joel wrote that the largest army ever assembled will come against Israel in the last days (Joel 2:3-4) and only the Islamic world could put together that size of a militia. Ezekiel wrote that Turkey would be a leader of this attack (Ezekiel 38:2,6) where Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, and Togarmah are modern-day Turkey. Daniel 11 and Psalm 83 mentions the rest of the nations that will form this Islamic jihad that the Turkish clerics and scholars have called for. 

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.