July 27, 2015

The Sanhedrin, a part of the Israeli Judicial System, is going to put President Obama on Trial

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The Sanhedrin, an ancient Jewish court during the times of Jesus Christ, has been re-formed in Israel, and they are recognized by the Israeli judicial systems. The Sanhedrin has decided to bring President Obama to Israel and they have charged the President with criminal acts against Israel.

The Sanhedrin says that the evidence is the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. With more on this story, here is David Dolan.

DAVID DOLAN: "It seems like they are planning to do that Jimmy and as you said the 70 Jewish scholars, the Rabbis that sit on the modern Sanhedrin, it doesn't have the same status in Israel as the ancient Sanhedrin did, it really was Israel's Supreme Court; but as you say over the past few years it's been gaining notoriety and more credence in Israel.

Now of course we have the Iranian Nuclear Deal and the Sanhedrin has put out a statement saying that this is a great danger against the Jewish people, that President Obama is committing "criminal offenses" against the Jewish people by engaging in this Iranian Nuclear Deal; that it is deliberately promoting genocide for the Jewish people and so the judges called on the President to immediately announce that he is repealing and suspending the agreement or else he would be brought to Israel, or he would at least be put on trial in abstencia in Israel.

It looks like they will hold some sort of a trial there and bring up these charges. It shows, it reflects the opinion in Israel, that the Israeli people are overwhelmingly against this nuclear deal, and overwhelmingly believe it will unleash Iran to indeed possibly commit genocide against Israel so it doesn't have much support and therefore the Sanhedrin action is not all that much of a surprise."

David Dolan, reporting on the court of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, charging President Obama and alerting him that he needs to stand before their court. I report this story because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The fact that the court of the Sanhedrin is operating in Israel is evidence that there could be a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem very, very soon.

The Temple Institute is the group that has been preparing to build the next Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They have trained all the Priest to operate that Temple and they are in the process of making their garments. All the furniture has been prepared, the implements there in storage, waiting for the Temple to be erected on the Temple Mount. And in order to be able to build the Temple they need the Sanhedrin, the Jewish court, to watch over the construction and the operation of the Temple.

The Sanhedrin is up and operating as a part of the Israeli judicial system which is evidence that the rebuilding of the next Temple in Jerusalem is close at hand.