September 21, 2016

President Tayyip Erdogan wants an Islamic Republic in Turkey

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JD: Tayyip Erdogan is a radical Islamists whose entire political life is proof of that statement. Ken Timmerman is my broadcast partner out of Washington DC. I want Ken to weigh in on this subject. Ken, do you believe that Tayyip Erdogan actually does want an Islamic Republic?

KT: Well I think you’re absolutely correct about that. He sees himself not just as the optimum Emporer but as the callus as the head of the Islamic State. Obviously he’s vying for control of world Muslims, with the Islamic State itself, with the Iranians. But what he does not see is Turkey as a secular state. That is not something in Tayyip Erdogan's world view, it’s not something that he desires and it’s a past of Turkey that he abhors and he shows that with every action to smash the elements of Turkeys previous secular state, secular government.

JD: Well then in fact that failed recent coup that he was able to take charge of and he has arrested or fired or gotten rid a lot of his opponents of those who would want to have a secular Islamic State and, he’s on the pathway to accomplish his goals is he not?

KT:  Well that’s right he’s arrested thousands of military officers, he’s been cracking down on Christian worship throughout Turkey, harassing churches not allowing them to rebuild. This is by the way a typical behavior of an Islamic government that has Christians in its midst. The first thing they do is ban them from rebuilding the churches. So, if a church is damaged for some reason by earthquake or fire or its just run down, they cannot get a government permit, which they need in a Islamic country, to repair that damage. And so the churches gradually become wrecks. This is what an Islamist leader does to the Christians who live in its midst, but they’re are some of them left. I haven’t seen the reliable estimate for how many. But, Turkey wants to make sure that they live as demies second-class citizens under an Islamic State.

JD: Erdogan wants an Islamic Republic and at the same time he wants to rid Turkey of Christians, as well, in order to set it up. Ken Timmerman reporting on this issue.

We report this information to you because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Turkey a major player in the endtimes wants to rid the Middle East of Jews and Christians.

Turkey, which is mentioned in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 38 as Meshech, Tubal, Gomar and Togarmah; there in verse 2 & 6, will play a key role in the endtimes. As we approach these times and watch Tayyip Erdogan's actions in Turkey, we can see Bible prophecy about to be fulfilled. My friend, it could be fulfilled very, very soon. And that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.