November 29, 2016

The High Usage of Blasphemous Speech That is Used Today is a Sign that the End Tines are Quickly Approaching

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JD: We’re talking about blasphemy, I remember reading in the book of Revelation 13:1,5,6 that the design of the antichrist, when he comes on the scene, is going to be blasphemy as well. The antichrist is going to blaspheme God in so many different ways but I have to come back and think about, for example, family television; I see so much blasphemy put forth by the actors, the new movies coming out, the books you read, people talking in the street; they’re all blaspheming God. Is this an indicator we’re quickly moving towards that scenario that’s found in God’s word for the last days?

JW: Absolutely, and of course Revelation 13:5 says "it was given him the antichrist a mouth speaking blasphemies and he opened his mouth and blasphemed against God to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle. We see it now; the whole world is gradually becoming what, conditioned for this kind of thing, the substitute for the glory of God something a mere man is saying and doing.

JD: Yeah we see that the antichrist is going to blaspheme, I believe as I John says the spirit of antichrist is already here. Is this not evidence as well? We’re not only talking about world leaders blaspheming God, the antichrist blaspheming God but, even with our lips people today it's becoming more and more common to hear the Lords name in vain and that’s blaspheming against God as well, is it not?

JW: Absolutely, and even born again Christians will give an account to Jesus at the Judgment throne of Christ I Corinthians, Chapter 3, for what they said, what they’ve thought, what they meant by what they said, and what they’ve done since they were saved. I mean even Christians their salvation is not in question, but whether they receive a reward or lose one it’ll be determined by a loving gracious wise holy God at that Judgment throne of Christ, which, could begin to happen today.

JD: Dr. John Whitcomb with insight into the End Times.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The wide usage of blasphemous speech is a precursor to the end times.

As John Whitcomb mentioned just a moment ago, the mark of the coming world ruler, the antichrist will be blaspheme, that’s Revelation 13:1,5,6. The common usage of the Lord’s name in vain and other blasphemous terms among adults and even our children is evidence of how close we may well be to the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy.