October 03, 2017

French President Macron calls for a stronger European Union, with a military, a precursor to the Revived Roman Empire

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JD: In the other main news story that we need to discuss in our conversation Rob has to be the President of France, Macron. Some of his ideas about the future for the European Union, which also included a military operation for the European Union and we’ve been talking about a military for the European Union replacing NATO for a long time. Can Macron really set in place what we see as the coming empire from out of the European Union with his speech this week?

RC: Well his speech was significant. He is a rising star in the EU. France is trying to resume their place as one of the key leaders of the EU. He knows that an empire, a final reformed Roman Empire if you will needs a military to enforce its rules within its on nation, to overcome the sovereignty if you will of the individual nations and their military. So, he wants a EU military to have that power and that’s what any great empire needs if it’s going to deal with other countries outside of it. He is a strong globalist who is all for an empire and obviously would like to see France, the French leaders as the key people in it.

JD: Rob, the other 28 member states of the European Union, are they paying attention to Macron? Will they come along in his direction?

RC: Well the leaders certainly will because they like what he’s saying. He’s perfectly attuned to the goals of the EU so they’re very happy with his globalistic leadings. He is popular. He is a younger fellow; a charismatic type leader. They’re happy to see somebody promoting that and, someone who can counter the effect of the Eastern European members who are really pushing more and more for national sovereignty. And so yes, they’re happy to see him.

JD: Dr. Rob Congdon with details on French President Macron calling for a stronger European Union with a military operation.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel calls for a revived Roman Empire in the last days, that’s Daniel chapter 2 and Daniel chapter 7. In Daniel 2 it’s the ten toes, in Daniel 7 the ten horns. This revived Roman Empire will be a major force in the last days a super power. In today’s world the European Union is at least the infrastructure for the revived Roman Empire. European Union leaders are calling for an empire with one powerful leader and a military operation, that can be found in Revelation 17:11 &12. The stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.