October 12, 2017

In the unity talks between the two factions of the Palestinian people, one faction is a terrorist organization, and the other claims to be moderate but both want to kill the Jews and steal their land

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JD: Mahmoud Abbas is not really excited about uniting these two factions together, or is that a problem at all?

IM: Mahmoud Abbas is seen as a failure amongst his Palestinian population because it was under his rule that they split, that they had this division and they literally had a civil war. So he would like to end his period as leader of the Palestinian Authority with the Palestinian population united. Hamas is as all terrorist organizations are Hamas’s main concern are its weapons, or its tunnels that it’s built into Israel, concerned about controlling its own army. They’re never going to give up control of their army.

JD: Hamas of course we’ve already said listed as a terrorist organization but Fatah also is a terrorist organization only they’re not listed as such in order to accomplish their goals.

IM: That’s absolutely correct. The international community is refusing to recognize on paper that Fatah is a terror organization. However, Fatah has lead numerous terrorist campaigns against Israel starting with the year 2000 4 year terror war that they called in. They led this campaign that converted over 1,200 Israelis most in suicide bombing. The person who heads Fatah is Mahmoud Abbas who’s head of the PA. He still gives salaries to every terrorist who is arrested killing an Israeli or injuring an Israeli. So that clearly is a definition of a terror organization. You send terrorist to fight Israel and kill Israeli’s and then you reward them after the fact. Fatah is a terror organization in everything except the official status internationally.

JD: Itamar Marcus head of Palestinian Media Watch trying to make sense out of the Palestinian unity talks that are going on in Cairo Egypt.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Palestinian people in Israel holding unity talks in order to bring reconciliation about between these two factions in the Palestinian Authority is not good news for the Israeli’s. Should the talks succeed Bible prophecy will be in place to be fulfilled. I’m talking about the book of Ezekiel chapter 35. In this prophetic passage the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote how the Palestinian people would rise up in the last days to kill the Jews, Ezekiel 35:5 and then steal the land that God has given to the Jews, that’s Ezekiel 35:10.

These reconciliation talks in the Palestinian world are actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.