October 23, 2017

The President of China has laid out his thirty year plan to make China center stage in our world

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JD: I know from our past conversations you’re a China watcher. Tell us about this thirty year plan and some of the points you believe are key.

BM: He doesn’t mention President Trump nor the populace revolution in America or Europe nor does he mention the current crisis with North Korea. But he does talk about his vision for the economy. He mentions the word market nineteen times in this presentation, which for a communist is interesting. And then of course he talks about growing private business. Then he talks about foreign policy and what he has envisioned for China is a great power and a strong power, which he used twenty-six times during this two hundred and five minutes.

He talked about how proud he is of the South China sea island that he has created and the military forward positions. He warned about a conflict in the future and I certainly believe that that’s true. It’s not necessarily North Korea I think it will be a much more global conflict. Then he talked about improving professionalizing the military and ratcheting up on weapon innovation and of course we’ve seen double digit increases in defense spending for the last three decades.

And then he talks about we’re still going to have fewer civil liberties; he didn’t say it like that he basically said we’re going to control the internet. And of course they have people inside of that country antecedent groups which they want to control and they’re having some real internal problems so, he recognized that.

And sort of the fifth leg of what he’s talking about in this two hundred and five minute presentation is new era. He has a vision for a very global, a very futuristic China. He says we’re not going to imitate the West but we’re going to grow an importance. His quote is it will be an era that sees China moving closer to center stage across the world.

So, this guy is interesting, he has a lot of big plans, he’s enthusiastic received, and certainly well worth watching.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with a report on the thirty year plan to make China the super power of this world.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Today China is one of the two most populated nations in our world. At China’s recent National Congress Xi Jinping the President of China laid out his plan to put China center stage in this world. The President’s plan would take thirty years however, the Bible reveals that it might be closer than thirty years. Revelation 16:12 calls for the Kings of the East that would include China for these kings to come to Jerusalem at the return of Jesus Christ.

China’s plan might be closer than thirty years because the second coming of Jesus Christ could actually happen in seven years.