February 08, 2018

The doomsday clock is now set at two minutes to a catastrophe on doomsday

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JD: The doomsday clock, first of all will you define it and tell us is the authentic?

DD: Jimmy an organization called The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist that’s the journal they put out. It’s an independent group and what they try to do is to influence policies when it comes to military spending when it comes to climate change. And what they have found is it’s good publicity to have this clock that they have organized and then they can push the minute hand around and as they approach midnight then they’re saying the earth is that much closer to catastrophe to conflict and that’s always good press for them. And so that’s the doomsday clock. It’s nothing official it’s just a group of activist who are trying to make folks aware of what’s going on in the world.

JD: But are they in the know? For example, they talk about scientist are they qualified scientist with an understand of some of these issues?

DD: Some are and when the organization began it was heavily fueled with people who were in nuclear science because it rose up at the end of World War II. But today anyone can join this group. As I say it’s a very activist group some of what they do is good and some not so good but anyone can join that organization.

JD: And as I understand they set the clock two minutes before midnight. That seems to be getting close to what the end will be.

DD: In their view you know the earth is close to major problems of conflict of course aren’t we always. They’ve adjusted that clock several times with two minutes to midnight. When Russia collapsed they pushed the hand back so it was like seventeen minutes to midnight. So, it’s all kind of a publicity stunt and I think maybe it does serve as a good purpose to realize that this present world system is temporary. But they certainly don’t know.

JD: That is the case and wait a minute they didn’t have to look at all of their research to understand what was going to happen. It’s right there in God’s word there is a potential catastrophe coming God’s word tells us all about it. We must be prepared for that time.

DD: Well certainly and that whole doomsday clock is not Biblical in review. You put them together then you have the real picture. You know in spite of that kind of pessimism it’s nice for us to have the confidence that God’s in control he runs the clock, you know time is in his hands.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung with an explanation of the doomsday clock.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Let me repeat what Don had to say, God is in control he’s the one who runs that clock and the time is at hand. What a Biblical truth. The doomsday clock is not Biblical but God’s word is absolute. The Bible lays out for us the end time scenario that’s found in God’s word not the doomsday clock. However, let me remind you there is a catastrophe ahead according to the prophetic word of God. My question are you prepared?