April 02, 2018

Hundreds and thousands of Jews from around the world have flocked to Jerusalem for Passover and to see the Jewish priests perform the Jewish sacrifices

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JD: Passover is one of those Pilgrim feasts when the Jews were to go to Jerusalem and the Temple to observe that Jewish holiday right?

WM: Absolutely, we have three main pilgrimage holidays. Passover was very unique. Passover was very unique because it had the Passover sacrifice on the morning of the day before the holiday starts. And in fact a few days ago we had an reenactment sort of an exercise of that a full dress rehearsal Jimmy as they call it on Broadway with an author being fashioned, a lamb being slaughtered, the priest dressed up and doing all their parts of the service.

We’ve discussed this many times Jimmy in terms of consciousness in raising, in terms of educations, in terms of people getting heightened to eventually do that in real time. It was a Roman who visited Jerusalem at the time and said he saw thousands of white lambs and goats coming down the side of Mount Scopus as the pilgrims began to come into this temple in order to begin the afternoon service of sacrificing the Passover lamb.

JD: And that reenactment of that Passover sacrifice taking place at the southern end of the Temple there at the steps that would have the Jewish pilgrims go up through the holy gates and up onto the Temple Mount itself. Some fifteen hundred, largest crowd to ever go to the reenactment of the Passover sacrifice. I think this was the seventh one. Those reenactments are to grab the consciousness of the Jewish people are they not in preparations for the Temple and wanting to actually do that sacrifice on the Temple Mount itself when the Temple is standing there?

WM: Absolutely Jimmy I agree with you. You have to get use to something that you haven’t done in a long time and there are some people who doubt the need for sacrifices. And hundreds of tourist come to take pictures and to see what its doing and as a tourist attraction it’s ok but when Jews get serious about it it seems to be a little awkward for them and that just shows why we have to raise the consciousness.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details behind the reenactment of the Passover sacrifice in Jerusalem at the Temple Mount area.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The first three Jewish Feasts Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits were given to the Jewish people, Leviticus chapter 23 as a prophecy looking to the time of the coming of the Messiah. Jesus Christ fulfilled these three prophecies. He was crucified on Passover, buried on Unleavened Bread, and resurrected of First Fruits. Jesus is truly the son of God, the Messiah.