June 05, 2018

Iran orders the Palestinians to attack Israel

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JD: I think about 90 different mortars were fired from out of the Gaza Strip into Israel proper itself, give us an update if you will buddy.

DD: Well Jimmy indeed it was started by the Islamic Jihad group which is directly under the control of Iran. The Hamas group that controls the Gaza Strip is also of course allied with Iran and receives weapons and money from them. But they retain a certain distance whereas Islamic Jihad a smaller group went to Heron’s side many years ago and has been very close to them.

The Israeli’s believe this was ordered by Tehran that they wanted to cause a diversion Jimmy in the south. Well quite a diversion as you said in fact it was over a hundred they’re now saying mortars and rockets that were fired into Israel territory. As was reported in the international news one hit a school just a half hour before the students were due to arrive in it. The Israeli’s deliberately pulled back their responses after their initial barrages into Gaza to counter attack. They were trying to calm the situation and it did in fact basically do that but only for a couple of days. On Friday there were again riots down in the Gaza Strip two Palestinians were shot. They were sending again the incendiary kites into Israeli territory.

And by the way Jimmy the government said on Friday in Israel that thousands of acres have burned of forest and fields in the area where these incendiary kites are landing and setting fires. And that protest on Friday by the way was called from Gaza to Haifa. They said they would march up to Haifa well of course that didn’t happen. A serious situation still developing over there but the situation for the moment has calmed but it just shows the potential for rockets to come from Gaza at any time. They can be fired much further than they were fired. Hamas rockets can reach up to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and the international airport that’s happened already in previous conflicts. But it was the worst action the strongest exchange since 2014 so significant and another indication that things are bubbling in the Middle East.

JD: David Dolan with an update on the Palestinian-Israel conflict at the Gaza border.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan has covered the Middle East as a journalist for over 30 years and always brings us great insight with his reports. This report is no exception with this caveat. It seems that David was reading from the Bible the pages of Bible prophecy. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict referred to in Malachi chapter 1, Ezekiel chapter 35, and the little book of Obadiah verses 15-18 give us the information on this prophetic scenario that will happen in the future. This prophecy is becoming reality today.