June 07, 2018

The Palestinians are packaging terror as a propaganda ploy

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JD: To find out what the Palestinian people are saying about the barrage of mortars that were lauded out of the Gaza Strip over into Israel Proper and what are the Palestinians saying about it in the media?

IM: They’re saying that it was in response to Israel’s response. They always try to present themselves as victims. They try to send terrorist into Israel across the fence in Gaza. Israel was forced to shot a large number of them; almost all of them in fact were terrorist and they then claimed they were responding to that.

Let me just tell you what they were really doing. We have found that both Hamas and Fatah the Palestinian Authority leadership when they are very low in the polls they start some kind of conflict with Israel. So what Hamas did here they have been very low in the polls and with the people suffering and with Hamas popularity very low Hamas decided they had to attack Israel. And I’m telling you that the real reason this attack was just to gain popularity and to gain prominence amongst the Palestinian population. 

JD: Is this an extension of that? What is it?

IM: The March of Return even the expression was really a camouflage for their attempt to create terror against Israel. They were hoping to get a few terrorists to get into Israel to commit some kind of terror attack where Israeli’s would be killed, where civilians would be killed. That’s why they sent hundreds and even thousands of people all along the Gaza Strip to try to break down the fences and to cut the fences and get into Israel. It’s a packaging it’s the name of the PR stunt and they package terror under nice terms like March of Return. Israel has been isolated internationally. The press has played along tragically. The press has played along with Hamas and has made it seem like Israel has attacked innocent civilians and shot innocent civilians. So Hamas has succeeded. Both internally they’ve created popularity for themselves and internationally they have put Israel in the spot light as if we are killing civilians. And I’m telling you I’m hearing that not just from the media but from uniformed Americans.

JD: Itamar Marcus explaining how the Palestinians are packaging terror as a propaganda ploy.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In Bible prophecy the ancient Jewish prophets foretold of a time in history when the Palestinian people would return to the world scene to kill the Jews and steal their land, that’s revealed in Malachi chapter 1 where the prophet says the return of the descendants of Esau will take place that would be the Palestinian people of today.

Ezekiel wrote some 2,500 years ago that these same people, the Palestinians would kill the Jews and then steal their land. This prophetic scenario is being played out today in the Palestinian packaging of terror.