July 26, 2018

Iran is supplying weapons to terrorist organizations in both the south of Israel and the north of Israel

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JD: Iran is the major threat of the north but in the south it looks like Iran is supporting the Palestinian terror groups and that could really heat up. Why is Iran so interesting in the south? Try to drop in military armament to the northern part and the southern part of Israel so they can squeeze them from both ends?

KT: Absolutely Jimmy, this has been going on for quite some time even when Arafat was alive the Iranians were shipping weapons to Arafat. You may remember the famous incident of the Karine A was an armament ship that the Israeli’s managed to sink and it was on its way to the Gaza Strip with weapons for the Palestinians.

So, Iran would like to open up a dual front against Israel from the north and from the south that’s what their support for Hezbollah is all about, that’s what their support for Hamas and the Gaza Strip is all about they supplied rockets to both of those groups. And just this past week they had a simultaneous video teleconference both in Tehran and in Gaza where the pledged their military support for all the various Palestinian Jihadi groups, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Ironically of course Iran did not say well we’re going to go and build hospitals in Gaza we’re going to help develop Gaza because the poor Palestinians are suffering under Israeli occupation. Now tell me what part of Gaza is occupied by the way? I’m having a hard time remembering that, that’s what they will say. They weren’t going to supply aid or develop aid. The Iranians only want to supply weapons and encourage terrorism. That is their interest they want to keep that hot front alive with Israel both in the south through the Palestinians and in the north from Lebanon to Hezbollah and they were hoping to the east as well across the Golan Heights. That frontier is now we believe going to be closed.

JD: Ken Timmerman with details on Iran’s efforts to destroy Israel by supplying terrorist groups in the north and the south of the Jewish state.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken Timmerman keeps a very close watch on Iran’s military activities in the Middle East as well as sponsorship of terrorist groups in that same region. Ken’s report this time helps each of us to be alert to how these current events are helping to prepare this world for the total fulfillment of the prophetic passages found in the Bible. II Peter chapter 1 says that we have a more sure word of prophecy that is the agenda for the end times. This report is a perfect example of this principal with Iran preparing to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. God’s prophetic plan will be fulfilled.