August 15, 2018

Is the United States in Bible prophecy?

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JD: In Plymouth, Massachusetts I do believe and many historians have said this is the location for the creation of the United States of America. Let me ask you, why is that the case?

PB: Well the unique form of government that was established here is why this place was truly the birth place of constitutional government that we have adhered to here in the United States. You know the Pilgrims left England late because of some travel difficulties. They had to go back to Plymouth England and start over again. They wound up sailing across the North Atlantic at a very dangerous time during the winter months and they were blown off course. They were aiming for the Hudson River and they wound up landing up here at Cape Cod.

One of the issues that that presented was that their charter was not in effect. So they were basically in a form of anarchy there was no governing authority over them. They were families free to do what they wanted to do. And of course they recognized that their only chance of survival was if they stuck together here in the new world. And for the first time in history, now there had been covenants drawn before between kings and subjects but there had never been a document where a body of equal men recognizing that none of them had the right to rule over another came together and constituted a governing authority, delegated a few powers to that governing authority in which they created and then pledged to be governed by that rule of law. So the very first constitution for civil government was created on November 11th on the deck of the Mayflower and it was called the Mayflower Compact.

JD: And that Mayflower Compact actually set the stage for these people the Pilgrims to arrive here in Plymouth and move forward with their experiment in a way the Lord had set in place of Biblical government. And our production this documentary is the United States in Bible prophecy one of the questions or will God use the United States to set the stage for his prophetic plan to unfold? That is our project, we had to have that Biblical bases to understand America's part in Bible prophecy. You’re an expert on it. Thank you for coming out to be with us on the project.

PB: Jimmy it’s been my honor and pleasure to work with you.

JD: Paul Blair an expert on the Plymouth plantation located in Plymouth, MA and how the Pilgrims in 1620 led by William Bradford arrived in America at Plymouth and planted the foundation for the United States of America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

With the fact that the United States was founded on God’s plan for human government and then America was set in place on this Biblical foundation we could see how God could indeed use the United States to set Bible prophecy in place.