September 07, 2018

President Trump held a state dinner at the White House recently for the evangelical religious leaders of America

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JD: How would you evaluate the matter of evangelicals David? Getting so close to this President, do you think that there’s any potential danger with what is happening because of that?

DJ: Back in 2016 when we were discussing some of this leading up to the election one of the comments that I made then was that there’s a potential problem when the political right and the religious rut begin merging. And then when you consider the broad charismatic base that is part of this President’s advisory council I think there’s a real problem that could be lurking and that is that these are dominionist. These are people who believe that it is the churches job to establish the kingdom of God on the earth. And if President Trump is listing closely to the advise of what I would consider false teachers and have a misunderstanding of America’s role and see it as a way to further God’s kingdom on the earth. I think that that has a potential of leading into problematic policy decisions that could ultimately not end well for America for this administration and for evangelicals as a whole. So I think that we have to be very very careful about how we approach this. We do need to maintain this wall of separation between church and State. We are not establishing the kingdom.

JD: David James Bible in hand at this broadcast table to discuss the details of the State dinner held at the White House with evangelical religious leaders from here in America in attendance.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The discussion with David James gives us several issues to discuss here in these moments left and the first one would be what is the priority of a pastor. Is it his pulpit or his political life? A second thought would be does the pastor bring Biblical doctrine to each of the meetings that he has with the President? And what about these evangelical leaders with a different doctrine as it relates to the kingdom, is the church in partnership with the government to bring the kingdom into power? That issue is fundamental to God’s plan for the future.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:29-31 that he gets the kingdom from God after the tribulation period, verse 29, and when he comes back to the earth in great power and in the clouds. In fact, God the Father confirmed that exact statement in Daniel 7:13 & 14. The future is in the plan that God has for his son not government.