October 23, 2018

Israeli tanks have been seen moving towards the Gaza Strip

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JD: I understand there’s a report that Israeli defense force tanks have been seen moving towards Gaza. Can you tell us about these tanks?

DD: The simple answer Jimmy is yes there is a major build up going on. We would see several days of tank convoys and other troop positions, camping gear setup, tents going up for the soldiers all of that is happening.  Not only is it happening Jimmy but Friday there was again another day of rioting. The Israeli said 10,000 at least Palestinians took place five places along the Gaza border with Israel. Three new fires were started in Israel from incendiary devices. And they say that this time three different Palestinian armed mobs they had guns were able to penetrate the border fence. Now all of this was happening while those tanks were active Jimmy, the machine gun fire was directed from them at the mobs that were crossing into the border.

Another incident one of the mobs went over to a gas supply line that comes into the Gaza Strip from Israel they sabotaged it and blew it up. So, heavy activity going on. The Security cabinet met on Thursday after two grad rockets were fired into Israeli territory from Gaza on Wednesday. These are tornado six grad rockets Jimmy. They have a range of up to fifty miles. Anyone watching the news might have missed it because it wasn’t reported internationally very much. But one of those rockets hit a large home in Beersheba in the south of Israel not far from Gaza. It blew up the home. Jimmy, just beyond Beersheba where it was directed is the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona and some are speculating that the grad was either directed towards it and fell short a bit or that it was just a test to see how far they could get in that area. 

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Israeli tanks which are moving towards the Gaza Strip.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For over thirty weekends there has been conflict at the Gaza border between the Israeli defense force and the Palestinian fighters. This 4,000 year old conflict does not seem to be getting better but only intensifying. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the longest war ever for the Jewish people, as I stated 4,000 years old.

Biblical personalities like Analytic, Agag, Haman, and Herod the Great are the forefathers for the Palestinian people of today. And their father Esau said he would kill the Jewish people. The Jewish prophet Obadiah wrote that the Palestinian people would return, kill the Jews, and then steal their land. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict today is a precursor for fulfilled prophecy tomorrow.