November 06, 2018

Russia warns Israel of military action if Syria is attacked

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JD: David Dolan, he’s the man who gives us an Middle East news update on a weekly bases. Now this is essential for you who are students of Bible prophecy. David let me talk to you about Russia giving a warning to Israel that if they make any provocative moves in the air space or with air strikes in Syria they may have to face the Russian military; pretty strong language for the Russians to the Israeli’s isn’t it?

DD: Very much so Jimmy, that was a senior Russian General who made that comment on Tuesday. He said that hot heads should not resume any operations in Syria meaning of course Israel. He said any provocative actions as he called it on Syrian territory would be met by a Russian response. So that is a very very serious statement.

But Jimmy it comes after Israel’s army spokesman last weekend said that the 34 rockets that were fired from the Gaza Strip in just a 12 hour period on Friday and Saturday came at the orders of the Iranian leader in Syria General Salami that he ordered his forces his allied Islamic Jihad forces in the Gaza Strip to open fire. And Israel said at the time the army spokesman talked about this as did the Prime Minister later on and they said we will indeed respond. In fact, in an off the record interview that Prime Minister Netanyahu gave he hinted that the cooperation’s are continuing. Maybe not major airstrikes but he said we are still on the ground doing things in Syria that we can’t talk about. He said, we haven’t given up that game.

So, basically this boils down to what we’ve seen before Jimmy that the Israeli’s fear that any action in Gaza will be met by a response not just from Gaza but from Iranian forces in Lebanon and in Syria and maybe from Iran itself. But Jimmy it’s that Russian threat from the north with Iran that is the main thing on the Prime Minister’s mind and the main thing on Israeli minds.

JD: David Dolan with the details behind the Russian military action against Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Russia has a large military operation in Syria there to protect President Assad and his people. The Russian warning to Israel of military action against the Jewish state is a page out of Bible prophecy. In Ezekiel 38 Magog who is Russia today, Magog will lead a major force against Israel. Daniel 11:40 says that the king of the north, that would be Syria today, that Syria will be the first nation to attack Israel. This scenario is ready to happen.