January 08, 2019

The Israeli Prime Minister may reject the Trump Peace Plan for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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JD: Donald Trump has asked Prime Minister Netanyahu, now we’ve talked about already Netanyahu is going to early elections in April of this year and now the President wants the Prime Minster to make the Presidents peace plan the centerfold of their campaign issues. Is that going to work?

DD: The White House has been consistently and constantly putting pressure on the Netanyahu government to make the coming peace process the center of Netanyahu’s campaign and all Israeli annalist agree that that’s the last thing that the Prime Minister wants to do.

A new set of polls this week Jimmy showing the left is completely collapsing. The right is showing very strong polling. The Likud near 30 seats and its allies at least another 30. But Jimmy the peace plan is likely to be very unpopular if what we’re hearing so far is true. Now again nobody has seen it. Jared Kushner has seen it and Pompeo and the President and presumably Prime Minister Netanyahu knows what’s in it. He’s already indicated there are things in there that the public won’t like.

We’ve had public statements from the UN Ambassador Nikki Haley the former UN Ambassador and others that Israel will suffer as well as the Palestinians in some ways as a result of a peace plan. Both sides will have to give quite a lot she’s indicating. Well especially if it doesn’t leave Jerusalem entirely in Israeli hands. That will be something Netanyahu no way can support and even though he has an alliance with President Trump and overall is glad to see him in power that would be a non-starter and would potentially cost him the election. So we’ll have to see what he does with that pressure we’ve been hearing has been strong and consistent to make this plan part of the deal and of course that means it would have to be revealed and that hasn’t happened yet. So we’ll see what happens but the elections are just in 3 months now, April 8th so something’s going to give here pretty soon.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the move by President Trump to have Prime Minister Netanyahu promote the Trump peace plan in the Prime Minister’s upcoming campaign for re-election.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Trump peace plan proclaimed by the President as the biggest deal that he has ever done may fall short among the Israeli’s. However there is a peace plan coming that the Jewish State will accept. That peace plan will be confirmed by the antichrist, that’s Daniel 9:27. That peace agreement is on the table waiting for confirmation.