January 15, 2019

The two factions of the Palestinian body politic, Hamas and Fatah, are involved in a bloody civil war

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JD: It looks like Hamas which would be in the Gaza Strip and Fatah headed up by Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian Authority there in Ramallah, they hate each other as much as they hate Israel. In fact they have a civil war that’s going on. Can you give us any enlightenment as far as that’s concerned?

DD: Jimmy that does go back to the formation of Hamas in late 1987 actually, but this conflict is real. Hamas has condemned all along the Palestinian Authority’s attempts to make peace with Israel. Now those have been very feeble attempts as we know but the peace treaty that Yasser Arafat signed was condemned by them. They continue to say Israel’s total destruction is our only goal and is our ultimate goal and we will not even fain peace where as the PA does still have some security cooperation in Judea and Samaria with Israeli forces. It’s very weak but there is some coordination, we’ve seen that in recent weeks. Indeed there is a civil war there. There’s no chance that Hamas is going to give up its control over the Gaza Strip, that’s their mini state and the PA is trying to get that back. Egypt is trying to keep both sides at bay, other forces that work there.

But of course Jimmy it’s just part of the larger quilt in the Middle East of chaos and confusion, it’s getting worse and worse to the North in Syria, to the East in Iran and all sorts of things going on. So it’s just part of that process and of course as we’ve mentioned Hamas is strongly backed by Iran and they want to keep that alliance and keep stirring up trouble. And the rioting this weekend just proves once again that it hasn’t halted, nothing has changed and the violence continues. But it is an internal civil war as you said in many ways that the Israeli’s are caught in the middle of really and they would like to see them in some ways destroy each other. But in the mean time rockets get fired and civilians get hurt and this sort of thing. So it’s a very serious matter indeed.

JD: David Dolan and his Middle East news update right here on Prophecy Today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The bloody civil war among the Palestinian people, Hamas and Fatah, is evidence that the Palestinian people want the land that God has given the Jewish people. Though they are now fighting a civil war soon the Palestinian’s will turn their focus on their cousins the Jewish people, that’s Malachi chapter 1 and Ezekiel chapter 35.

Esau said that he would kill Jacob, Genesis chapter 27. This present Palestinian civil war is the precursor to that battle then as the Palestinian people rise up to kill the Jews which could happen very soon.