February 14, 2019

Pope Francis wants to unite Islam and the Catholic Church

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JD: And then all of a sudden the Pope takes off for the Middle East to an Arab country and they have a conference out there and he holds a large Mass. Talk to us about that trip and then lets get into the Popes ideology as it relates to Islam and Christianity.

MG: Well Jimmy you know for over a year now I have been talking about the convergence of Islam and Roman Catholicism. In fact I did a conference that we spoke at together and I gave ten common bonds between Islam and Roman Catholicism. And so a lot of people when I gave that message didn’t take it seriously but now we see the Pope has made a trip into the Middle East in order to seek unity with the Islamic faith. We do see that the Pope is moving forward at a very rapid rate to bring about a one world global religion that we know will worship a man who claims to be the Christ. And so we need to not only contend for the purity and the exclusivity of the gospel but we need to recognize these two false religions need to be saved.

JD: Pope Francis is he naive about Islam or is he intentionally trying to put together this false religion and having Islamic Catholicism join forces?

MG: No he is not naive. In fact the man pretty much puts aside any Biblical doctrine. In fact, a lot of Roman Catholics are very upset with him because he has put aside even historic Roman Catholicism. But his goal is to merge these two religions because he knows that if he gets Islam on his side then the rest of the smaller religions of the world will follow suit. The Vatican and Pope Francis have shown that they will not allow anything such as doctrine or ritual to undo any potential gains for the mother church. We see this Pope not being naive but he has an agenda to unite the world under the power and influence of his pathocies.

JD: Mike Gendron with the details behind the Popes efforts to unite Islam and the Catholic Church.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This report on two false religions is evidence that God’s prophetic word is moving closer to fulfillment. Islam is a false religion because it says that Jesus is not the son of the true God. Catholicism is a false religion because it says that Jesus is not the only way to get saved. These two major world religions, which make up forty percent of the worlds population are setting the stage for the prophecy focused on a one-world religion as foretold in Revelation chapter 17, which by the way is a prophecy ready to be fulfilled.