February 05, 2019

The political climate in Israel is heating up with a debate over Jerusalem the main focus

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JD: In the news coming out of Florida the Cabinet of the state of Florida voted to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s political capital but also in that statement they said the undivided eternal capital. That sounds like it’s one up on President Trump and they don’t want Jerusalem to be divided at all. That’s good news for Israel isn’t it?

DD: Well it is Jimmy and that was also stated by Benny Gantz the former Chief of Staff until 2015 who made a major speech in Tel Aviv this week announcing his candidacy to be Prime Minister. By the way late opinion polls published Thursday and Friday show he has a pretty good chance of defeating Netanyahu as Prime Minister. He has coalition partners and he joined forces with Moshe Ya’alon who is the former Defense Minister, he resigned in 2005 over the Gaza pullout. He’s pretty right winged, both of them are very strong nationalist, and both are very strong military careers.

They both stated Jerusalem will remain united if we get into power. So there’s no way that any Israeli leader from the center or the right and even most of the left wing leaders state that Jerusalem is not going to be divided, they won’t agree to any peace plan. In fact, Ya’alon earlier apologized for supporting the Oslo Peace Accords when they came out in 1993. He said a few years later that was a mistake that was before he joined an Likud party. He’s definitely strong on military forces. The problem that most of those men have though and their party could get about 24 seats to poll show, they both come out in support of same sex marriage and more importantly to the Orthodox parties for public transportation to be allowed in all Israeli cities and towns that want it on the Sabbath. Well that’s a non-starter for the religious parties. So the political climate heating up in Israel as the debate over Jerusalem continues and we’ll just see where that all goes.

JD: David Dolan with the latest details on the political activities for the upcoming elections in Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Early elections in Israel will be held the first of April and will elect the next Prime Minister for the Jewish state. There are several former Generals of the Israeli Defense force who are running against the incumbent Prime Minister Netanyahu. Right now the Prime Minister holds a substantial lead in the polls. As David Dolan mentioned Jerusalem is the main focus in the elections as foretold by the ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah 12:2 & 3. Jerusalem, the center of controversy.