February 08, 2019

Two States in this United States of America say it is alright to kill children

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JD: A former abortion doctor, Dr. Levatino gave a powerful testimony before the Judiciary committee on late term abortions. Now I think every person needs to watch and hear, we’re going to put it up on our website www.prophecytoday.com

DJ: Yes, look up Dr. Levatino as he appears before the Judiciary committee and he gives a testimony of about five minutes. And he explains in graphic horrendous detail what happens during abortion especially during a late term abortion. He himself had preformed over 1,200 abortions. After he got to a certain point he would no longer do late term abortions and now he is eliminated doing abortions all together. This is a powerful testimony of a man and what it means to take the life of a unborn child or one who is already viable and could live in this world.

JD: Virginia’s Governor who’s also a licensed physician added fuel to the fire this week with some of his radical statements.

DJ: This is Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam and he made the statement, third trimester abortions are done in cases where there maybe severe deformities. And then he goes on to say this, they would actually allow the woman to give natural birth, the baby would actually be outside the mothers womb on the table, they would make it comfortable and then in that process they would then along with the parents and the attending physicians they would make a decision about what to do. In other words we are talking about not abortion we are talking about infanticide that's being advanced by one of the Governors of one of the states in the Union.

JD: In my opinion there can be no doubt that this is no less of an abomination to God then when children were actually sacrificed to appease Pagan God’s in the Old Testament.

DJ: That’s right and we’re going down the same path. We are sacrificing our children to the whims of political expediency and personal choice the way it’s called. We are now advocating for the murder of the least protected class of our citizens.

JD: David James with the details on the decisions by the states of Virginia and New York that it’s alright to kill innocent children.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Abortion is murder according to the Bible. Jeremiah 1:5 says that life does not begin at birth nor even at conception but life begins in the mind of God in eternity past, that’s based on the scripture in Jeremiah. The killing of a pre-born person is murder, an abomination unto God. In the last days these murders will increase to the detriment of this nation.