March 11, 2019

An Iranian military leader has outlined a plan to defeat world powers

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JD: So let me go to I think a key question to begin our discussion. An Iranian commander has outlined a plan to defeat world powers. Going to go after American, go after Israel and all of their allies. Is this Braggadocio or are they really getting ready to do this?

KT: Well what’s interesting Jimmy is that Hossein Salami who is a top commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, in fact he’s number two after Jafari, he is basically saying what the Iranians have been saying for many many years but more openly, more clearly, more outspokenly if you wish. He’s saying that not just are we going to defeat the world powers starting with the United States and Israel but we have a plan for it and we’re going to be guided by our determination to wage Jihad. So he makes very clear in this statement, which was a public statement this past week that Iran is going to base itself on the Islamic notion of Jihad to defeat the United States to defeat Israel. It will not be a small war it won’t even be a reason of war but a war that is waged worldwide.

 Now do the Iranians have the capabilities to do this? The only weapons that they have that would give them the ability of defeating the United States is a nuclear armed EMP missile. In other words a strike against the United States power grid that would take out our electric power. Do the Iranians actually have that capability? We don’t know they’ve not demonstrated it. But we do know that they’ve been working on it. We do know that they have exploded missiles in an EMP trajectory. We do know that this is part of their strategy. So the unknown here Jimmy is whether they actually have the capability but we do know that they have the intension of destroying us. It’s a big deal.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the Iranian plan to defeat world powers and set up a caliphate.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken’s detailed report on the Iranian plan to defeat world powers and set up a worldwide Islamic kingdom, a caliphate, a religious kingdom is a statement by the Islamic Republic of Iran of their desire to take control of the entire world. This is the goal of the entire Islamic world by the way and the nations mentioned in Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11 are the Islamic nations who have these same goals in mind. Iran is on that list in those passages of prophecy. Current events indicate that this prophecy is about to be fulfilled.