March 19, 2019

Hamas has fired rockets at Tel Aviv and the Israeli Air Force has responded

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JD: Hamas supposedly sent two rockets into Israel with an attack on Tel Aviv and then early Friday morning the Israeli air force responded attacking the Hamas sites there in the Gaza Strip. What do we know? What’s happening now?

DD: Well Jimmy the latest News is that the Iron Dome anti-rocket system is being deployed this afternoon. Actually it began yesterday throughout Israel. So the reports that this may have been a mistake the idea of his saying that they may not have intentionally fired these rockets is being belied. The same statement was made last August when Be’er Sheva was hit. They found parts of the rocket near the town of Holon that’s very close to the heart of Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon Jimmy. They claim from Iran that they were Iranian made rockets. We know that Hamas and Islamic Jihad both have those types of Iranian produced rockets.

Originally it was stated that the Iran dome had taken out one of the rockets. Later the IDF said no, one exploded in the air on its own apparently and the other did land as I said near the city of Holon. Everyone went to their bomb shelters and this is the first attack on Tel Aviv since 2014. Significant move Jimmy and as you said a hundred that they said targets were hit in Gaza afterwards including some Hamas naval sites, some rocket launching sites in the North and a underground missile factory was hit. So Hamas was put back a bit in its war preparations and as a result they canceled the Friday riots that go on pretty much every Friday. Along the Gaza border fence they canceled that. The situation was fairly calm after the 12 hours of action between the time of the rockets hitting and Israel’s finial airstrikes on Friday morning.

JD: David Dolan with an update on the rocket attack on Tel Aviv by Hamas.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This Hamas rocket attack on Tel Aviv, the first since 2014 is a dangerous move by Hamas. Hamas seems ready to ratchet up their missile and rocket attacks on the Jewish State for the purpose of destroying Israel in order to set up a Palestinian state called Palestine. Ancient Jewish prophets foretold this scenario some 2,500 years ago as mentioned in the book of Malachi 1, Ezekiel 35 and the little book of Obadiah verses 15-18.

This Hamas action is a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, Bible prophecy that could well be fulfilled very soon.