March 07, 2019

Pope Francis called a church summit on a church-wide sexual scandal

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JD: The Pope recently held an unprecedented conference, a summit there in Rome with all the Bishops and all the Cardinals from around the world. What was the main focus? I mean it was on the sexual activities of the Priests and even up to the Cardinal level as well but why did the Pope call this conference, the summit at this time?

MG: Well the scandal has really gotten out of hand and some of the higher ranking Cardinals have actually been accused now of sexual abuse. At this recent concave Cardinal Marks revealed that the predator Priests were able to continue abusing children because the files on their crimes were either destroyed or never existed. So we see these abuser were actually moved to other Paris’s and they were able to continue their sexual abuse on these innocent children at different Paris’s.

It’s really amazing when you look at the scandal you have to ask the question Jimmy which is the greater crime? Is it the abuse of these young alter boys or is it the cover up of the Bishops who hide these pedophile priest and move them to different areas to continue their activity. And so there’s a great scandal going on in the Catholic Church and it really doesn’t stop there. There’s a recent book out called In the Closet of the Vatican and in this book it says 80% of Roman Catholic Priests are homosexuals. The author of the book conducted over 1,500 interviews with 41 Cardinals, 52 Bishops among seniors and also some ambassadors and that’s where they came up with this number that 80% of Roman Catholic Priests are homosexual. So the question really arises is how can Roman Catholic parents allow their children to be alter servers and to be left alone with these Roman Catholic Priests.

JD: Mike Gendron on the summit of a church wide sex scandal that was called by the Pope.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Mike’s report is more than a news story about a sex abuse scandal in the church. It is a report on the total un-Godliness that is going on in the Catholic Church today. Romans chapter 1 calls the 80% of the Priests in the Catholic Church that are homosexuals reprobates, people who God has turned his back on. God destroyed a society of sodomites, Genesis chapter 19, for the sin of sodomy in Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus said as in the days of Lot so it will be at the time when Jesus Christ returns. That day is today. This report is tangible evidence that we are living in the day of the Lord’s return.