June 18, 2019

Christian leaders from 65 different countries gathered in Jerusalem to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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JD: What was the international prayer breakfast? Who participated and what did you actually do?

SR: Jimmy it was actually the third annual Jerusalem prayer breakfast. That’s the name of it Jerusalem prayer breakfast. It is an event sanctioned by the Israeli Knesset and they did that over three years ago. It is chaired by a member of Parliament Robert Ilatov and Vice chair of this breakfast former Congress woman Michele Bachmann. Both of them have great interest in Israel.

The purpose of it is to try to convene and bring together Christians from around the world and Jews with the purpose of praying for the peace of Jerusalem that’s the purpose. This was the third year and it was a momentous year. There were actually 65 nations represented. Not all of those nations had a former governmental official but many did. I can think of several right off Uganda the ministry of finance from Uganda was there, the Ambassador from Estonia, Guatemala, Brazil. There was a delegation of about 50 from South Korea most of those were pastors but there were some government officials as well so they were mingled all throughout all of that.

I just happened to be able to represent the American’s Pastor’s Network as well as being in office before contributed to that I believe. But it was a composite of a wide number of people from these various nations all together at this breakfast. It was about 700 were in attendance, about 450 last year and about 200 or 300 the first year. So it has grown remarkably. Jimmy I just have to say it was a most unusual event that was just truly all inspiring as I saw people from around the world coming who have a heart for Israel and who are excited about what they see God doing here.

JD: Sam Rohrer who is the President of the American Pastor’s Network with the details on the recently held Jerusalem prayer breakfast.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

What an opportunity Sam had to be invited by the Israeli Knesset to attend the third annual Jerusalem prayer breakfast. This is an event that is called for in the Bible. Psalm 122:6 says pray for the peace of Jerusalem. By the way that will only happen when the Messiah Jesus Christ comes back and sets up a true peace in His kingdom. I Timothy 2:1-4 also tells us to pray for those who are in higher authority for example the Prime Minister of Israel. Both of these prayers look to the future of the Jewish state.