June 12, 2019

Hundreds and thousands of rockets are today aimed at Israel

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JD: David I understand that Hamas has replenished their rocket supply most likely with the help of the Iranians. And now they are reporting they have a least 10,000 rockets. That does not bode well for the southern part of Israel does it?

DD: Well certainly not and not just the southern part Jimmy again they have already last year they fired some rockets that reached some of the Jerusalem area. And of course more recently they’ve hit Tel Aviv. They’ve hit the Port of Ashdod or right near it. So these rockets can go really to most of the country. In fact Hamas one official a couple of weeks ago said we can now hit the North. Well of course their ally Hezbollah in the north has maybe 160,000 rockets is what Prime Minister Netanyahu quoted last year. So we just don’t know.

But 10,000? Sure. We had 700 fired in that last barrage a few weeks ago and the Iron Dome took out 85% of them but still homes were blown up and people were killed. Just think of 10,000. Especially if they start doing these mass firings that’s what they were doing last time. Then the Iron Dome has a real hard time picking them out quickly and taking them out they can only hit so many at a time. So there would be massive causalities from just a 1,000 rockets and if it was 5,000 it would be that much greater and 10,000 would be horrendous.

So over the years Netanyahu in particular the Prime Minister and then they may have acquired already some nuclear weapons. Hezbollah may have them. There’s been hints of that and intelligence about that. We just don’t know Jimmy but again they are trying to smuggle more parts in. We know they still have tunnels from Egypt that they bring stuff in and other ways of getting those components. And experts from around have gone there and just taught them on scene how to use the components you have to make rockets that can be fired and possibly kill people. So it’s a real threat indeed.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the hundreds and thousands of rockets that are aimed at Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

When you say that Israeli’s are living in a tough neighborhood you would be exactly right. David Dolan’s report helped us to realize how tough the neighborhood actually is today. At Israel’s Southern border in the Gaza Strip Hamas has thousands of rockets aimed at Israel. In the north at Israel’s northern border Hezbollah has tens of thousands of rockets ready to be fired at the Jewish state. This is the prophetic scenario that the ancient Jewish prophets foretold many years ago. They did that in Ezekiel 35 and Malachi 1. When you really stop to think about it Israel is in a tough neighborhood.