June 05, 2019

Palestinians attack Jews on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

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JD: We know when we look at history it was June 7, 1967, the Sixth Day War and on that 7th day of June the Israeli defense force took back the Temple Mount reunited the City of Jerusalem. David give us some more details about that and this is a very very important day as far as the Israeli’s and their leadership is concerned would you not say?

DD: Well it is and of course last years celebration was even more significant in that it came during the 70th year. And of course it came just days after President Trump formally moved the Embassy to Jerusalem and declared Jerusalem is indeed Israel’s capital.

Celebrations but of course heavy heavy security because this is also known to the Palestinians and around the region as al Quds day now that’s the Arabic name for Jerusalem of course. Iran started this anti-Israel protest on this Jerusalem al Quds day. Now the Arabs marked it a little earlier Jimmy Friday and Saturday. But there was some rioting and there was some trouble in the Gaza Strip and there was some trouble in Jerusalem and there were protest all over the Muslim world and especially in Teheran but also in Beirut in other Arab and Muslim capitals around the world against Israel against Jerusalem Day.

But it remains in Israel’s hands. It’s undivided capital as Prime Minister Netanyahu has said so many times and other leaders too. And it is certainly going to be a day of heavy security in Jerusalem but also a day of celebration and we hope a peaceful day.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Palestinian attack on Jewish people who are worshipping on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jerusalem Day actually started to celebrate the capture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the 1967 Sixth Day war June 7th. This event marked the reunification of the city of Jerusalem after a 2,000 year absences. It was and still is today a key event in the history of the modern day state of Israel. 

Jerusalem is the center of the earth, that’s Ezekiel 5:5. And Jerusalem is the center of Jewish life for today and into the future. It’s the location where God said that he would dwell among the Jewish people forever. That’s Psalm 132:13 & 14. Jerusalem is where Jesus will build his Millennial Temple that’s Zechariah 1:16 and 6:12. And it is also where Jesus Christ will rule forever. Jerusalem the city of God in the future.