June 27, 2019

The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem has issued a gold coin in honor of the coming of the Davidic Dynasty

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JD: The Sanhedrin, the 70 wise Jewish scholars who are responsible for preparing to build the next Temple. David’s Davidic Dynasty what is that? Is that what was recorded in II Samuel chapter 7 as the Davidic Covenant and the kingdom to come?

WM: The genealogical lineage going back to King David appears in many periods because as you pointed out it has Biblical bases that a future king and all that in tells in the future will come from the Davidic line. Many of our prayers refer to David, God’s servant in various direct or indirect language. His presence or the idea of a Davidic lineage is very strong in traditional Judaism. And I would presume that the Sanhedrin in their educational and conscious raising activities would think that it would be good to introduce this again in a modern way such as a medallion or a coin that would educate a future through various means and ways.

JD: Are we basically talking about when the Davidic Dynasty is back in place that coin will be used at that time; just simply a commemorative coin for today?

WM: I would think from what I saw. I haven’t held it in my hands. I think they also did a coin, I think we discussed it with President Trump being compared to Sirius and the Declaration about moving the Jerusalem Embassy. Again these are methods and ways of keeping the people alert and sensitive to the various elements within the Biblical prophecy because otherwise it just becomes a piece of paper or a simple lecture in class rather than something very alive and something you can touch.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining the purpose that the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem has issued a gold coin honoring the Jewish King David and the Davidic Dynasty.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Davidic Covenant as given in II Samuel chapter 7 promises the Jewish people that God will give them the city of Jerusalem to be theirs forever. It also says that the Messiah will build a Temple there and rule and reign from that Temple forever. In the promises of the kingdom to come for the Jewish people forever as well.

In order to educate the Jews and the world the Sanhedrin actually issued this gold coin. It is tangible evidence that the Lord will keep his promise to the Jewish people.