July 24, 2019

Anti-semitism in this world, even in American, will lead to another Holocaust

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JD: Elwood you know this last week there was a very important meeting that took place at the Department of Justice in Washington DC. The Attorney General Barr was responsible for pulling the meeting together and their focus was on anti-Semitism. Now this was a key summit was it not Elwood?

EM: And the wonderment of it is Jimmy that we would ever have such a conference held in the United States of America. The Attorney General called this phenomenon that we are witnessing now in growing growing numbers is as a cancer and I couldn’t agree more.

JD: The Lord tells us in his word he’s not going to allow the Jews to be wiped out and that’s of course the ultimate aim of anti-Semitism. And it’s not only from the citizens of the United States of America but some of the elected officials. Political leaders are speaking against the Jewish people as well in their radical rhetoric.

EM: Yes and when they do that they’re contributing to three phases of this phenomenon anti-Semitism that we need to address. Number one heat filled rants against Israel and the Jewish people produces violence. First it’s words then it’s blood. Secondly, in the classrooms and campuses of America what we’re having develop into hate filled actions that are taking place in classrooms and campuses. And also number three, we have this anti-Israel propaganda and acts against the state divestiture and isolation that is so devastating that we can’t do business with Jews here in America and the abilities of Israel really to serve the world in the way only they can. So all of these things on the table and they must be addressed.

JD: Dr. Elwood McQuaid explaining why the ever increasing rise in anti-Semitism will lead to another Holocaust.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The recent summit at the Department of Justice in Washington DC is evidence that the world and even the United States is on track for another Holocaust. The end result of anti-Semitism is killing all of the Jews on this earth.

The ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah foretold of a time in the Tribulation period when 2 out of every 3 Jews will be killed, that’s Zechariah 13:8. That would amount to 8 million Jews being killed. This time of Jacob's trouble is quickly approaching. It will happen.