July 10, 2019

The United States Ambassador to Israel has called for the Temple to be rebuilt, "This year in Jerusalem"

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JD: The US Ambassador David Friedman made the statement this year in Jerusalem and the understanding by those who really understand what he was saying is that he wants the Temple, and he was calling for the Jewish Temple to be built this year in Jerusalem.

WM: Well Jimmy it might not surprise you but I was present at the event. It was held actually at what we call in Hebrew Binyenei HaUma the International Conference Center. He was echoing a very strong Jewish phrase we say it the end of the Passover next year in Jerusalem. It could be interpreted as saying the Temple but I think he was saying that very simple Jerusalem is the capital of Israel because it is the capital of the Jewish people. That’s where the Temple was and will be. That’s where our sovereignty is and will be.

Actually Jimmy it’s the first time in history that an American Embassy in Jerusalem was location for the Independence Day celebration of the United States and so when Ambassador Friedman said next year in Jerusalem I’m in full agreement with him that next year again we should have the Embassy event celebrating America’s independence in the sovereign capital of the state of Israel. Maybe by then we might have a Temple maybe not but I’m sure that whatever we still will have an American Embassy in Israel’s capital Jerusalem.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining what he thinks the US Ambassador to Israel actually meant about the Temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

On the Fourth of July celebration in Jerusalem the US Ambassador David Friedman did say this year in Jerusalem which is actually referring to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and the desire of the Jewish people for their Temple to be rebuilt. Let me remind you that all preparations have been made for that Temple to be rebuilt. But please remember that the next Temple is the Temple for the Tribulation period. The Messiah Jesus Christ will come to earth in the future to build the Millennial, the Kingdom Temple, that’s Zechariah 6:12. And then the Messiah will rule and reign from that Temple forever, Zechariah 6:13. Jews praying for the Temple is Biblical.