August 16, 2019

After these horrific mass shootings in America, there is only one true hope

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JD: I thought we needed to discuss the two recent mass shootings. Lets first talk about these shootings and the response we’ve all been watching this week.

DJ: These were horrible tragedies with a total 33 people killed and another 50 or so injured. So these were both very troubled people. But I would say that compounding the tragedy has been the fact that we’re in the early stages of a 2020 presidential campaign. What’s being said by some politicians and by some in the media as well I would have to say has just really been disgusting. And I know that’s a personal opinion but that’s just the way it has struck me and others as I have talked about it with them as well.

And you know it’s become a political fiasco in media feeding frenzy and several democratic candidates as well as commentators on the left were quick to lay the blame directly at the feet of President Trump even though he has denounced these kinds of things. Within hours some were using these tragedies to gain national airtime and to even do fundraising. So the misrepresentations and I would say even out right lies being told in interviews and political speeches these things are just appalling and it’s creating a horrible climate in the aftermath of these shootings.

JD: I think it would be good to briefly discuss the problem of evil and suffering in this world.

DJ: Well Jimmy you know this is one of the most difficult questions in life. We live in a sinful fallen world and we’re witnessing everyday what we’ve mentioned many times on this program and that is what I call the death spiral of humanity. Paul talks about in Romans chapter 1 where he begins with the wrath of God is revealed from having against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men and this is what we are seeing. We are reaching the bottom of that spiral and the next thing that’s going to happen is God’s judgment. So I would say as believers we can be salt and light, we can comfort and encourage, we can cry with people when necessary and most importantly we can be involved with evangelism discipleship because the only true hope and security at any time is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

JD: David James with Bible in hand with the only true hope there is in this world for these times of evil and suffering.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As David said in Jesus is the only true hope in this world of evil and suffering, that is an absolute. To say that we will pray for you is good but then we must put feet to our prayers and reach out to all who are going through these evil times and times of suffering. The Lord said that these times are short as compared to eternity. Jesus also said I am coming to keep you from these times of testing, that’s Revelation 3:10.