August 07, 2019

Pastor Andrew Brunson, imprisoned in Turkey and recently released, has returned to America to warn Christians of a coming time of great persecution

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JD: You know when you’re in jail for 2-year period time you’re pretty much in isolation. But I understand that in fact Pastor Brunson when he returned to the United States saw things differently then when he left and he said we’re on the edge of great persecution. I’m thinking he’s talking about the Christian community.

DK: You know Dr. Jimmy for him to be incarcerated amount of time he was was tragic but it was somewhat brief. For him to come back to the United States after being incarcerated only briefly and see the dramatic down turns in the United States and what he is a little bit more objective observer is going to be pending persecution. I do believe he was referencing against the Christian church. All of that is a stunning stunning statement.

Now I do believe he is correct Dr. Jimmy. I think what we’re watching right now is the forces of evil literally unleashing at every turn against anything remotely close to truth and certainly against God’s truth.

I want to quickly say this Dr. Jimmy and I think you’ll understand because we’ve talked about this a lot. But right now we have one of the most faith friendly administrations we have ever had. Obviously our President will some times say things that as Michele Bachmann said on a radio program recently that are dishonoring. But in his actions he is phenomenally supportive of Christian faith, of religious liberty, of the persecuted Christians around the globe. Yes, members of his Cabinet that are aggressively trying to seek the relief of persecuted Christians as well as lighten their load and try to release them for what they are having to endorse. But what we’re watching is a kick back from the forces of evil because they see a lot of things being threatened. So Pastor Brunson is right. He’s very much correct. We’re on the verge of a lot of persecution but we have a brief window right now that we need to seize and utilize with everything we’ve got.

JD: Dave Kistler with insight into Christian persecution coming to America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

By coming Christian persecution in America I’m not talking about the 7 year Tribulation period that happens after the Rapture. I’m focused on what will be a precursor to the Tribulation period between the Rapture and the second coming. That’s two different events 7 years apart.

The Apostle John wrote in Revelation 3:10 that the Lord would keep Christians from that Tribulation, the terrible time of judgment coming. Pastor Brunson warned that coming persecution will basically be the government and the media. By the way we can see today that handwriting on the wall.