October 17, 2019

Scientists are reporting the discovery of twenty new moons around the planet Saturn

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JD: However now they’re reporting 20 new moons that are found around Saturn. Why just found? I mean what has taken so long? Is it our capability of seeing into space or what is it?

DD: Well Jimmy of course a moon is an object that circles the planet and the planet circles the sun. And new moons that’s an active area of research. Each year we come up with new telescopes with higher resolution and then we find smaller moons that we just couldn’t see them before. These new ones are not all that large maybe just a couple of miles in size and they just weren’t dedicated earlier.

So yeah the number of moons objects circling Saturn has now jumped up to 82 and put it in first place. Jupiter is just behind with 79 moons. By next year the number will increase more. And I’m sure each of these outer planets really has hundreds of moons these objects that are circling them.

So anyways the score right now Mercury and Venus have no moons, Mars has a couple. Of course the Earth has one moon but it’s a special one that we look at. You know our moon Jimmy is a witness to the creation. With all the efforts they’ve put into it they cannot determine the origin of the moon. None of the theories work God put it there. And along with that our moon the more we look at it even though there are hundreds of other moons in the solar system our moon is special it’s unique. It’s larger for its size then the other moons. It gives us the eclipses when it can cover the sun. The moons tides keep our oceans healthy. So it serves its purpose. Our created moon.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung a scientist and also an astronomer giving us the details about the report of 20 new moons recently discovered around the planet Saturn.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Don after his report about the 20 new moons recently found around the planet Saturn then went ahead to explain the importance of our moon that’s seen above the Earth. The activities of the Earthly moon are evidence of the special deeds of Jesus Christ who created everything including the moon in 6 - 24 hour days. Jesus actually created the moon on the fourth day of creation. In Psalm 19 the Psalmist reminds us that the glory of the Lord is made manifest in the heavens. Jesus also said in Revelation 1 that he is the beginning the Alpha the creator but he is also the end the Omega and then he gives us the prophetic scenario that is found in every book of the Bible.