October 03, 2019

The Palestinian leaders in Israel are using their Facebook page to incite terrorists attacks against the Jews

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JD: There’s been a campaign against the Palestinian Authority Facebook page.  Can you take a moment and just explain what’s been going on?

IM: We’ve been following as you mentioned we follow all of the different Palestinian Authority media and we issued a report a number of months ago which shows that this page is an absolutely a terror promoting page. Let me give you some examples. On the Facebook page this year they referred to terrorist who have recently murdered Israelis the ideal example of humanity, the crown jewel, the magnificent. A murderer who killed two people was called the perfect person. A female suicide bomber 17 year old girl. This is happening on Fatah’s Facebook.

You have to close this account. It violates your community standards and your own rules. You don’t allow your Facebook pages to promote terror. And believe it or not they have been refusing. They’ve been refusing since I spoke to them first I think was February or March. We’ve sent many notices since then of terrible promotions of terror and they’ve ignored it.

So we decided 2 weeks ago to issue a new report and we accompanied it this time with a major online public pressure campaign. We had thousands of people and notification of almost 4,000 people who sent emails and many thousands more who flagged various posts. The results was that 2 days ago Fatah’s Facebook page actually wrote that they were afraid that TMW was going to succeed and having them closed completely and they called on their people to help them and support them. They had 3 different posts 2 days ago where they talked about our campaign and then yesterday they actually unilaterally closed down their own Facebook page.

JD: Itamar Marcus explaining how Palestinian Media Watch was able to close down the Palestinian Authority Facebook page which was being used to insight terror attacks against the Jewish people of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Palestinian people have a goal of pushing the Jews out of the state of Israel and making that land a Palestinian state called Palestine. Bible prophecy tells us that the Palestinian people will return and rebuild, that’s Malachi 1. That prophetic passage also speaks of God’s ending nation against the descendants of Esau. The little prophetic book of Obadiah reveals the total destruction of the Palestinian people forever. Using Facebook to insight terror attacks by the Palestinians on the Jewish people is a precursor to the fulfillment of that prophecy.