November 01, 2019

On the internet there has been a fire storm between the followers of John MacArthur and Beth Moore

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JD: There’s been a fire storm all across the internet because of a comment that John MacArthur made at a conference concerning the popular Bible teacher Beth Moore.

DJ: Well it’s been all over social media. So on the one side there’s been a firestorm of reaction to what John MacArthur said. Then on the other side there’s been strong reaction to those who have taken John MacArthur to task by those defending him.

Now Todd Friel who’s the host of Wretched Radio started off part of a panel discussion by saying this, “I will say a word and the three of you need to give a word or a response to the word, let’s being with an easy one the word is Beth Moore”. Then John MacArthur said I was thinking of the same word go home. And the MacArthur went on to say there’s no case that can be made Biblically for a woman preacher period, paragraph, end of discussion.

JD: What are some of the concerns many have with Beth Moore and how should we look at this Biblically?

DJ: Beth Moore is preaching and teaching men in sports arenas and in large churches around the country. And the Southern Baptist Convention statement of doctrinal beliefs affirms that while men and women are created equal they have different roles in marriage, family and the church. And Paul makes it clear in I Timothy chapter 2 that women are not to be teaching the Bible or theology or in a position of authority over men.

And based on my research Beth Moore claims that Jesus talks to her and she recounts the exact words exchanged between the two of them. He sometimes, and this is her words, calls her honey and babe when they talk. She claims to get revelation, knowledge and directions from God that she records and speaks. She says she’s a visual person so He often speaks to her through visions and by putting pictures in her head. She regularly partners with charismatics. So unfortunately Beth Moore holds to quite a bit of bad theology, is mystical in practice and stands an opposition to the word of God when it comes to role of women in the church.

JD: David James, Bible in hand explaining the fire storm on the internet between the followers of John MacArthur and Beth Moore.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave’s report showcased the issue of women preachers and conservative men teachers of the word of God, the Bible. It is key that we study God’s word on this issue. And also we must pay attention to the letter that Jesus sent to the church in Asia Minor some 2,000 years ago the church at Thyatira. Revelation 2:18-29 is the letter that Jesus used to warn of women preachers in the church and the false teaching that they may be giving. Dave’s report was not an attack on women but a sign of disobedience to God’s word in the last days.