November 21, 2019

The Vatican has approved the placement of a pagan god at the entrance to the Roman Colosseum

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JD: That great Colosseum was used at one time to martyr Christians right there in the city of Rome and now they have this pagan god at the entrance of it. Talk to me about what’s going on.

MG: Well Jimmy I’m just so thankful that you are exposing the evil deeds of darkness. That’s what we’re called to do in Ephesians 5:11. It really is a concern to me that Roman Catholics are following this Pope who has made some very bazar statements over the years that he’s been in papacy. But I think right now we’re seeing the Vatican fixation and obsession with pagan ideals like never before. We’ll talk a little bit about this pagan god that is now if front of the Roman Colosseum.

The timing of this is really interesting because it took place nine days before the Amazon synod began. And that was the synod that brought the bishops of the Catholic Church to discuss their ministry in South America. So the timing of this was very interesting. The statue is actually a reconstruction of the wicked and horrific deoitte Molech who was worshiped as the pagan religions of Phoenicia and Carthage. Some Catholics are now distressed that the pagan god Molech has been erected at the entrance of the Colosseum. Where as you said Christians were tortured and executed for entertainment of the pagan crowds. 

And what makes this even more shocking is the Colosseum is controlled by the Vatican. In fact I did some research and found no way that such a thing could be done without direct permission from the highest levels of the Vatican. The Colosseum of Roman is owned by the Vatican and the Diocese of Rome which was also called the holy sea. So if anyone wants to do anything there they must get permission from the office of the Diocese of Rome. So this exhibition called Carthage the immortal myth could not be held there unless permission was granted at the highest levels.

JD: Mike Gendron with the details of the Vatican approval of placing the pagan god Molech at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Molech was the pagan god of child sacrifice in the Gehenna Valley in Jerusalem. Deuteronomy 18:9 & 10 is the command from God to the Israelites when they came into the Promised Land that they not allow their children to pass through the fires of Molech. Now the Vatican has placed a statue of Molech at the entrance of the Roman Colosseum which was the location where Christians were tortured and killed for their faith. This is a precursor to the martyred of believers in the Tribulation period, that’s Revelation 6:9 and 20:4-6.